OFENBAU FRITZ was founded in 1946 by Eng. Karl Fritz and has since supplied industrial furnaces to 60 countries on all five continents. In the late 70ís and 80ís OFENBAU FRITZ has projected and supplied complete galvanizing lines.

Today in the third generation we have specialized in the furnaces (heat treatment) and especially in the selling of know how and local manufacture.


In constructing our furnaces we keep the tradition of our founder:


optimum economy (low consumption, minimal heat losses)

simple, solid constructions

simple = inexpensive regulation


We can offer local manufacture for all our furnaces: the customers can fabricate the steel constructions according to our drawings and material lists, thus greatly reducing the price and transport costs (to about two thirds the price of a complete supply). The use of standardized materials and the simplicity of our constructions allow a fabrication in almost every country. Our decade-long experience guarantees the correct specifications and materials, like the thickness of annealing hoods, the calculation of resistances or the properties of refractory material.


We believe that today local manufacture is the trend, because this is the most favourable and intelligent form of supply. OFENBAU FRITZ supplies only the special parts not easily procured everywhere, as well as the refractory and insulating lining of the furnace and the regulation and combustion equipment. In this way, our furnaces have exceptionally competitive prices.


But we are distinguished by a great flexibility and can also consider self-procurement of the furnace lining or complete supply. OFENBAU FRITZ has modified furnaces of the

competition, and we can adapt the constructions of our furnaces for placement into existing plants or galvanizing lines (changing our standardized wire height, pitch etc.).


Many national and foreign patents prove the pioneering work of our founder.


Just mail us your enquiry, we shall be very pleased to submit a detailed and individualized offer.††


Cuadro de texto: The Earth map below shows all countries to which OFENBAU FRITZ has supplied.