The continuous wire annealing furnace system BECKER-FRITZ (Becker was the director of a German wire mill with whom we had a license agreement) is the most economic furnaces of its type on the market. For obtaining a good quality, an annealing furnace is essential in a galvanizing line. Apart from annealing the low carbon steel wire to a tensile strength of (usually) 40 – 45kg/mm˛, the furnace should also eliminate the lubricants on the wire, as these may influence the galvanizing quality (lubricants are not eliminated by the pickling).


The BECKER-FRITZ annealing furnace consists of 3 zones: the combustion chamber is heated by 1 to 3 burners (depending on the furnace size). The waste gases of the burning chamber are guided to the furnace entrance, the wires passing the furnace against the heat current. The waste gases have cooled down to about 200 – 300°C at the furnace entrance – all the heat has been given to the wire before entering the chimney. Thanks to the low temperatures at the furnace entrance, the lubricants on the wires may evaporate - burnt lubricants on the wire surface can likewise compromise the galvanizing quality.


At the furnace entrance a wire straightening device with individually adjustable grooved roller bearings is installed, inside the furnace the wires run in special perforated bricks to avoid wire roping. Our standard design has 10 to 12 wires per channel, with 1 to 6 channels per furnace. By variation of the temperature and speeds it is possible to obtain different tensile strengths. By adding air cooling to the wire channel (system ‘fil-clair’), tensile strengths of 60 – 70kg/mm˛ are obtained. It is also possible to have still higher resistances, if low temperatures are used (i.e. the furnace is used as `burn-off´or tempering furnace). The furnace can be offered in special design to produce soft and hard wires simultaneously. Wires not having to be annealed may be passed through the foundations of the fournace.

Very fine wires (less than 1.2mm diameter) are generally annealed in a bell annealing furnace, because they might break in the continuous wire annealing furnace (however wires down to 0.6mm diameter have been annealed in this furnace).


the lowest energy consumption

easy regulation (combustion chamber heated by only 1 – 3 burners)

maximum use of the waste gases

individually adjustable channels

tensile strengths of about 40 – 100kg/mm˛ may be obtained

for maintenance of the combustion chamber, the entire heating cover (light-weight construction) can be lifted